Ethics Code


ACTICA as a technology Company that offers vanguard integral services in the following sectors: Water and Environment, Security, Transport, Energy, Industry among others, in Mexico and other countries, is aware that the people who integrate it through its attitude and behavior transmit their culture and values towards the outside.

ACTICA has the firm will to act as an effective tool in the service of customers, in search of a sustainable world and with the vocation to be a modern, useful and advisable tool for success in today’s society.

The rigor, the work and the responsibility have been the premises in which it has been cooked since its foundation in 2010.

Its Management Model focuses on considering business ethics as an additional asset within the company as an intangible but essential value of it, as something closely linked to the ability to obtain better results, both in external relations with shareholders, customers, service providers, etc. as well as the internal ones, contributing to decision making, organization, and work management.

In the same way ACTICA is committed in share the values and behaviors of the societies to which it belongs, of the applicable laws and regulations that allow to guarantee that ACTICA is conducted according to an adequate normative framework, that strengthens and supports the development of the Institutions and companies which it is related with.

This Ethics Code will apply to the entire organization of ACTICA and in the various locations where it operates in the national territory or abroad, always respecting their cultural, social and economic differences.

Our Ethics Code is structured in 3 sections:

I. General principles that define the values and corporate culture that support all ACTICA’s activities, as well as its personnel.
II. Ethical-professional standards of conduct that provide the guidelines to which the entire ACTICA’s organization must attend..
III. Mechanisms for implementation and follow-up, as a compliance control system with the Code of Ethics by all company personnel, promoting their participation for permanent improvement and expansion.

Each employee is responsible for ensuring that behavioral decisions and actions are in accordance with the provisions of this Code of Ethics. When there is doubt about the application of a rule or when you have a history of a situation that presents an ethical problem, you should seek guidance from the Legal Department.

In addition, all employees have a duty to report the behavior of others when it appears that they violate this Code, any other policy or procedure related or incumbent with ACTICA.

Senior Management is expected to adhere to the “open house” policy. This means that it is available to any employee who has any concerns, questions or complaints about ethical issues. All inquiries, questions and complaints will be received and handled with urgency, confidentially and professionally. No retaliation will be taken against an employee for any concerns, questions or complaints in good faith.