Consulting and Outsourcing

Government Management
GRP (Government Resource Planning)

Our offer solutions for the Public Sector enables Federal, State and Municipal governments streamline resources and provide quality services to citizens with a clear and defined approach to the technological transformation of the public administration.

  • Accounting Harmonization
  • Tax collection
  • Human Resources Management
  • Public Health Management
  • Government Information Management
  • Assistance Management and Citizen Service
Business Management
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

In Actica we are aware of how hard it is to establish controls and have integrated processes in all areas or departments of companies, we know that the automation of the key activities for the business increases the effectiveness and raises the productivity and success of our company.
That is why we have developed a technical proposal that allows the integration of areas and a comprehensive view of your company, based on our global experience in technology implementations for business management.
Our vision in this area and our clear commitment in the field innovation of information technology, allows us to integrate technologies for our customers, regardless of the sector in which they operate.

Monitoring and Client Management
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Understand the customer needs and provide personalized and appropriate care to everyone it is very important for a company.
With the CRM solution you can store and manage business information to measure and also manage the customer relationship, marketing efforts with the objective to satisfy the same needs.
Into the public sector this relationship exist between the government and the citizen, it must provide trust between public institutions and citizens by detecting needs and timely citizen service.